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Ian Kelley, Ph.D.
Computer Scientist

Greetings, and welcome to my corner of the Web!

A little about me...

I have a passion for computer science and how it can be an enabler of innovation for a diverse set of people in different application domains, ranging from theoretical science to video gaming.

My expertise and interests lie roughly in the areas of big data, distributed systems, developer productivity, collaborative environments, information management and exchange, high-performance computing (HPC), cloud, and scientific computing.

I devote most of my time and energy towards finding new ways to drive digital transformation in products and programs, enabling them to better harness data to open up new possibilities and improve developer productivity. This ambition to leverage computer science as a way to empower other domains has its roots in the very onset of my career, when I worked as a researcher tackling the complexities of large-scale distributed computing for numerical relativity (physics) applications.

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed a career that has mixed both industry and academia. This combination has given me the opportunity to work with many extremely talented people on a range of challenging and engaging problems. It has also been a very fun journey on a personal level, as I've been able to travel extensively and live in several different countries, which has allowed me to explore a bit of the world and its unique cultures.

Please see my CV for more information about my background and research interests.

Alternatively, refer to my LinkedIn profile for more details on my work history and professional recommendations.